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Economics Talk show `The Implementation of Sharia Banking in Globalization Era` on Faculty of Economics (FE) Unimus Semarang

The Director of Muamalat Bank Unit of Semarang, Karsono, said that to increase competitiveness in globalization era sharia banking will apply several strategies.

We are going to prepare a global infestation product that is accessible to public including foreign investor. While the focus of our strategy is foreign investor from Middle Eastern countries,” said Mr. Karsono on the talk show of Implementation of Sharia Banking in Globalization Era on Faculty of Economics University Muhammadiyah Semarang, Tuesday (3/6).    

Meanwhile, he further said that to start the plan it is important to inform sharia principles to the public. It is not only limited to Muslim but also to people from other religions.

“We need to do expansion for sharia banking market, because the value of universality will help sharia bank to be well accepted by the public in general,” Mr. Karsono added.  

Besides preparing above strategies, Muamalat Bank is going to prepare quality human resources and accelerate product innovation of sharia banking. It is done to create quality products to the public in common. Then, the products are expected to be the business strength in sharia banking.  

At the same time Bank of Indonesia declares that although the market range of sharia bank only about 5%-6% compared to conventional bank, its growth and credit transaction are greater.

The Head of Monetary Agency Authority (OJK) Unit of Central Java-DIY, Y. Santoso Wibowo said that the market range of sharia banking is small, but there are advantages in the monetary institution of sharia banking.

Total asset of sharia bank by March 2014 is Rp. 250 trillion; it is still far behind of the total asset of conventional bank which reaches Rp. 4.800 trillion. In contrast, the growth of sharia bank can reach 45% while conventional bank can only reach 18%,” said Mr. Y. Santoso Wibowo.

In the near future, he further said that it is important to diversify the products of sharia bank and encourage intermediary through bazaar. The intended purpose is to introduce sharia bank

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