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UNIMUS gives a chance for those who want to get higher education but cannot afford the tuition fee by giving a scholarship. The quota of scholarship is 5% of the total of new students. This scholarship program is the one of Unimus’s social responsibility for educating people and alleviating poverty.
The requirements :
  1. The students who have academic, art, and sport achievement; or activist of Muhammadiyah organization (proven by the copy of certificate, decree, and certificate of appreciation).
  2. Recommendation letter from local board of Muhammadiyah
  3. Reference letter of poverty from the head of village.
  4. Copy of Letter
  5. 4 pieces of 3x4 photo
  6. Fill in the admission form

Those applicants file will be sent to the Rector of Unimus.

Selection Process :

  1. Administrative selection based on the admission form
  2. Test of scholastic
  3. Interview
  4. Announcement

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