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Facilities Overview  

UNIMUS had been developed in 1999. In its 11th anniversary UNIMUS has been striving to provide excellence facilities. UNIMUS development can be seen from the quality of the graduates who gets good immage from the users and stake holders. The opening of new programs followed by complete facilities becomes another patameter of the development of UNIMUS.

It is our commitment to provide the best facilities in order to support teaching and learnng process around campus and, at the end, we can get qualified graduates. Our facilities include comfortable classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and student’s center, open space for students’ activities, hall, canteen, policlinic, mosque, and so forth. Each classroom is equipped with air conditioner, computer, LCD projector, and some stationary. Our library and laboratory are also equipped with various facilities

Although UNIMUS campus spread over at Five places not a problem to continue to improve the facilities that exist today. Classrooms and also continues to increase the number of support facilities in them. Equipped laboratory with adequate equipment, has also been available to support the practice of students

Other than classrooms, and the laboratory are adequate, and continuously improved, UNIMUS also have a library that is spread on each campus. Libraries in Kedungmundu (Rector, Faculty of Economics), Campus PPNI (Midwifery), Nursing Research Center (Faculty of Nursing and Health) Campus Wonodri. (Faculty of Medicine), Campus Kasipah (Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Cultures), all connected in a network of campuses interkonekasi between campuses, so the data processing of both rental and returning books, centered on a single server.One added with a library of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, at the Campus Rd. Prof. Dr Hamka Km.1 Ngaliyan Semarang.

Facilities currently available is the manifestation of the ideals in the past, when the first UNIMUS established. However in the future to coming UNIMUS also has aspirations to further enhance the campus facilities. that once again the eventual goal to get qualified graduates


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